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The Connecticut Health Care Act of 1975 created the Health Reinsurance Association (HRA) to make available to eligible individuals in Connecticut a comprehensive health care plan designed to help meet medical costs of non-occupational injuries and diseases.

HRA is a non-profit association comprised of all private insurance companies and HMOs that provide health insurance in Connecticut. HRA is one of approximately 30 state high-risk pools, which over the past 39 years, has provided access to health insurance coverage for approximately 200,000 individuals who were not able to get coverage because of their pre-existing conditions.

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In general, the high-risk pool is a state created nonprofit association that offered comprehensive health insurance benefits, which most often cost more than standard insurance coverage. The rates were usually capped by state law at a percentage of standard market rates. Each risk pool inherently lost money because the premium cap, even at 200%, was well below the losses generated by the claims.

Pool Administrators Inc. (PAI) is the current administrator for HRA in Connecticut. The PAI staff provides full-time administrative services such as premium billing and collection; accounting and financial services other than claim services to HRA. United HealthCare provides claims administrative services for current HRA's Special Health Care Plan. HRA contracted with United HealthCare for their PPO plan network.

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